Event Design

All of our events are custom designed to your specifications, i.e. number of attendees, age group, budget etc. Your event team is highly trained in all aspects of event design. They have first hand knowledge of all our activities, so you can be assured that your event has the best balance of activities to provide the most FUN for your guests.

Event Team

Our attention to detail and customer service is unsurpassed. Through every phase of your event Corporate Fun and Games representatives are there to help, advise and guide you, so your event will go as smooth as possible.


All amusement equipment is not created equal ! Before an activity is added to our entertainment menu, we ‘fun test’ the item from several different manufacturers. ‘Fun tests’ are performed by both adults and kids. We purchase the activity depending on it’s ‘fun rating’. In this way we know that you get the best equipment available.

Set-up & Decorations

We set up our events the day before whenever possible, to avoid any unforeseen problem, so your event will run smoothly the next day. All of our events come with a decorations package of brightly colored flags and signage. Once you’ve seen a decorated event, you’ll realize what a special touch it adds.


In addition to Fun and Games event managers, we work with a local organization or civic group to provide staffing at your event. We will make a donation to this organization, in your company name, which promotes the goodwill of your company in the community.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our standard services provide for a no-charge rain date if your event is held on a Saturday and the site is available on Sunday. The final payment is due after your event, upon your complete satisfaction.

Corporate Fun & Games is the industry leader for COMPANY PICNICS!

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